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 GOOD forums are fragile things

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PostSubject: GOOD forums are fragile things    Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:54 pm

Don't screw this one up, guys.

The desired tone since its inception was middle-of-the-road, with moderation left to the MEMBERS.

The rule was, "Among honorable men intent is everything," and people both behaved and patched up disagreements accordingly. True arguments were settled offline, and people deliberately trying to create a food fight or fratboy atmosphere were invited to find another board (also offline).

NO ONE involved in BoB's administration receives a dime for their labor, and a battalion of moderators would solve nothing, so top-down "fixes" aren't going to happen. It's up to you. If it helps to characterize it, think of BoB as a bunch of guys sitting on a huge deck patio in the back yard of an upscale house in the mountains. Cushy chairs and end tables everywhere covered with ashtrays and the occasional Scotch bottle.

But for all that comfort, it is someone else's home, plus there are both women and children wandering about.

If that's too dull for you, or that's not pipe-focused enough for you, the Internet is a big place.

How can I speak for this board, you ask? Because I'm personal friends with the people who run it now, was in the delivery room at its birth, and KNOW what the hopes were for it at that time.

Stay classy, BoB'ers. That's all it takes.
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GOOD forums are fragile things
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