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PostSubject: Zero Effect   Zero Effect EmptyMon Mar 07, 2011 10:49 pm

Has anyone else seen it?

For those of you who haven't, it's a not very faithful adaptation of A Scandal in Bohemia (the very first Sherlock Holmes story published) set in modern times. The characters have all changed names and some of the plot is also different.

One of my big problems with the classic BBC Sherlock Holmes series was that despite being direct adaptations of the stories they ended up showing Holmes as an impeccable English gentleman of his time and station and his adventures as puzzles that he solves by smoking a pipe and possibly having a nice cup of tea with dear stupid Watson. The Holmes in the stories is extremely eccentric, borderline antisocial, addicted to cocaine and Watson is his co-dependent enabler decades before anyone even coined the term, and the stories themselves are replete with fistfights, gunfights and chases in various modes of transportation. While the recent movie was actually pretty decent (it captured some of the adventurous spirit of the stories, and Robert Downey Jr. was actually pretty good as a wired, violent, socially awkward junkie, probably because he was basically playing himself) I thought the Holmes stand-in in Zero Effect captured the eccentricity of Holmes and his relationship to Watson much better.

Anyway, good flick for the mystery fans, must-see for the Holmes fans.
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Zero Effect
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