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 Knox News

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PostSubject: And they call this "freedom"...   Fri Dec 28, 2007 12:18 am

gospelman wrote:
...it is now illegal to smoke inside a business, unless said business is posted as 21 and over. That is how Knox will be able to get around the restriction...Which makes it impossible for me to take my 17 year old daughter to lunch when they open. She really enjoyed going to Knoxville Cigar Company...she thought it was "cool" and I agree. I believe she would have enjoyed accompanying Dad for a nice meal with some good company.

I'm really excited about the new shop, but believe me: I understand and deeply feel the frustration and general "pissed-offedness" that the anti's have wrought.


The only way around it here is to make one's establishment a "private club", or some other operation that is not open to the general public. In that case, only members can enter. If a business is open to the public, the almighty friggin' state has effectively decreed that its premises are "public property", in the sense that the owner loses a large measure of control over what people can and cannot do. The Marxists have thereby largely done away with the concept of private property. (All bow in Holy Reverence to the almighty state... Evil or Very Mad )

That's the price we pay by appealing to the state as the source of "justice"...as though such idiocies as laws against discrimination stop people from hating one another. Now they're going to protect the "rights" of non-smokers at the expense of all those who otherwise are capable of making their own intelligent choices about smoking.

How did they pull off this broad-daylight hijacking of personal liberty? The same way they're doing it with all these Save the Earth superstitionsóby invoking pseudo-science. In the case of tobacco, the crusading control-freaks bought a bunch of hacks to swear that their cherrypicked data on "secondhand smoke" represented the greatest health threat since the last scam they perpetrated. And of course they were hugely successful in their efforts to spin themselves as being compassionate. It's for the children...you know, all the ones that you and I heartlessly murder with our second-hand smoke day in and day out. The studies "proved" it.

Those "studies" have since been thoroughly discredited, but that doesn't matter any more. The Big Lie only has to work long enough to get the moronic majority (OK..."moronic" is probably redundant) to buy into it, and that means just long enough to get some new command-and-control legislation on the books. After that, the truth doesn't matter. Once the state establishes its authority to control the lives of its citizens in some new and greater degree, it almost never surrenders it. Legislators generally are not in the business of repealing bad laws. They justify their existence by passing new laws. How? By increasing fear, anger, hatred, envy, and generally by setting up straw-man schemes that pit one segment of the populace (which they hope is in the majority) against another (which is always in the minority), and the "solution" is always the same: more coercive interference with the lives, property, and liberty of the citizenry.

Of course, the smartest politicians are careful to ensure that they don't piss off too many people at once. They achieve that end by carefully shifting their targets around. At one time or another, everyone gets the opportunity to be part of the "them" in the "us vs. them" ploy. For the antis, pipe smokers are "them" (bad guys), and everyone else is the "us" (good guys).

It always works the same way. The politicians stand back and let the squawkers draw up the battle lines, and then they jump in on whichever side looks like it's going to win. That call that "leadership". But in the final analysis, they always increase their power and measure their success by decreasing personal liberty, not by increasing it. That is all political laws can do.

Vito jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: Knox News   Fri Dec 28, 2007 6:45 am

Although I feel a certain loyalty to the Knox Board, having participated there for 6.5 years and having that experience be rich, I think we are on to something good on this Board, the reasons for which have already been posted.

But one area where this Board really does surpass Knox is that here we have an admin who knows his way around the IT world and whose administrative choices are much broader than the admins at Knox. I can see him acting when needed in a much more effective way.

Having Jason as a board member means that he can see problems a mile away, much faster than Knox. He visits this Board regularly, maybe daily,
whereas the Knox admins visited only when notified by one of its members,
and acting then (except for dottleman). Also, the Knox admins had to fit administration into other business concerns.

I like it here!
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PostSubject: Re: Knox News   Fri Dec 28, 2007 7:50 am

alfredo, I agree. In addition, we will have more motivated active members and a smaller group for friendlier atmosphere.
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PostSubject: Re: Knox News   Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:45 am

Stopped into Knox Cigar Co. today, the new pad looks great. I like the setup much, much more, very open, easy to see everything and explore the store. I can't wait till the bar part opens as well. I'll have to make a weekly trip down there probably.
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Knox News
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