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 Dunhill Bowl Polish and my Savinelli Bruna

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Dunhill Bowl Polish and my Savinelli Bruna Empty
PostSubject: Dunhill Bowl Polish and my Savinelli Bruna   Dunhill Bowl Polish and my Savinelli Bruna EmptySat Apr 09, 2011 2:48 am

I had been reading the past few days you guys cleaning, polishing etc your pipes and I felt the urge to stop by my local tobacconist and find a pipe polish kit to do some spring cleaning on my pipes. The only thing he had was the Dunhill Bowl Polish, and a fancy Dunhill kit with the bowl polish, stem polish, polishing clothes etc but at a price of a new pipe... I was not going to spend this kind of money, but I did get the pipe polish tube alone.

So I went home with a mission! Most of my pipes are quite clean, but I have 2 of them that are beat and tired from the abuse they have got from me over the years. You see when I started smoking pipes, i knew nothing about rotation, resting times etc I had bought a few pipes, but back in 2004 I bought in Panama a Savinelli Bruna. This pipe quickly became my favorite so it saw constant use along with a Bringham that I dont remember where and how I purchased it. Remember I was completely uninformed, so I smoked the Sav almost every day without a rest and with a few bowls every day for a few years! As I learned more about pipe smoking and started using more of my pipes to give the Sav a rest, my hand still went for it as it smokes so much better than anything I owned... So the abuse continued... fast forward to today, the Bruna was sitting apart on my desk along with 4 other pipes that had gone through some serious internal cleaning and rimming the previous evening. The Bruna by comparison looked sad compared to the others, only the bringham looked almost as tired. She also has a loose stem which I tried unsuccessfully to repair today with the boiling water I'm afraid. After the failed procedure, i took out the little tube and read the instructions. Rub a thin layer with the finger, let it sit for a few minutes, then buff with a soft cloth to polish. Simple enough.

There is something cathartic about polishing a clean pipe. Kind of like polishing a beautiful Porsche. I used a clean microfiber and gave the Bruna a good rub. All that while I contemplated how many memories good and bad I have in my life smoking this pipe. It is clearly more than just a pipe, she is a friend where in her smoke many thoughts and contemplations about my life have taken place, made several life changing decisions, smoked her when my son was born, when I landed my dream job.
After the good rub which lasted forever in my mind, I took a good look at her. She looked amazing, there is so much beauty in her briar that the polish brought out that I starred with satisfaction. If this pipe had a soul, I bet she would have said Thank you! Deep browns, birdseye that I did not see before, or at least had faded away from all that use and abuse...

I did the same process for the rest of the pipes on my desk, this polish gives a deep gloss, not shinny, kind of comparing the nasty shinny armorol on the dash and a good dashboard cleaner. I dont have any other experiences with any other pipe polishes, but for my taste this works really well and if you like the deep glossy finish instead of the really shinny one then it will work well for you too.

By the way guess which pipe I smoke right now? Smile
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Dunhill Bowl Polish and my Savinelli Bruna
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