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 Best Father's Day Present

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PostSubject: Best Father's Day Present   Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:47 am

Yesterday, I started work on my man-cave. I am SO excited. It'll take a little bit to get the old shed cleaned out and setup AC, but it'll be my little refuge. In the end, it's nothing more than a shed that I'll use as a place to smoke and tinker, but, that's all I really need.

I do have a question about building a cellar. If I want to store tobacco out there, does the temperature have to be relatively cool and steady? The shed will only have a window AC unit that I'll run while I'm there. I'm trying to figure out if I'll need to put insulation in, because the building is a wood structure with metal sheeting as walls. I figure even with insulation, it'll get really hot in there, unless I run the AC all the time. Of course, with insulation, it'll hold the internal temperature better.

I'm even thinking of putting the AC on a timer, so it'll run off an on throughout the day.

Any suggestions are welcome.

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PostSubject: Re: Best Father's Day Present   Mon Jun 20, 2011 9:40 am

Could always get a old drink cooler like they keep sodas in , save a little electricity that way .
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Best Father's Day Present
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