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 General Wintergreen Snus&new General Green Harvest organic

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PostSubject: General Wintergreen Snus&new General Green Harvest organic   Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:33 am

A wicked case of tonsillitis has kept my briars on the rack for a week or so, and I decided to grab one of my brothers General wintergreen portion snus cans. Forgot how convenient, affordable, and somewhat taste these little Nicotine McNuggets are tucked under the old yap flap. As a traveling salesman for an athlete/natural drink mix brand, it is not professional to be walking into sales calls wreaking of latakia or american spirits, so snus is now my little undercover friend so to speak. im also excited about the introduction of the first certified organic snus and will be ordering a roll from sweden today.

Best price on Wintergreen general: as low as $3.50 a can

the new and luxurious Green Harvest organic white portion snus `$6.00-7.00 a can, hey what can I say... I'm a stifler for quality

oh and i may throw in a tin of this for good measure:
Oden's 59 extreme cinnamon portion, 22mg of nic per pouch vs. general's 8mg(which is already a bit much at times, but my bro seems to be comfortable snussing general WG round the clock) for when I really want to make my head spin and turn green in the gills, maybe I can cut em in half.
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General Wintergreen Snus&new General Green Harvest organic
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