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 cigar leaf you say? BALDERDASH!

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PostSubject: Re: cigar leaf you say? BALDERDASH!   Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:40 pm

aadelma wrote:
Jack's Shanty is on my list to try; I believe Sailorman Jack helped blend Billy Bud, a real benchmark cigar blend for me, so I like it's pedigree. My all time fave is the defunct Dunhill Mr. Alfred's Own, subtle yet tasty. John Patton cigar blends are a unique and tasty take as well.

As cigar/pipe smokers quickly find out, it is not possible to replicate a cigar experience in a pipe, even if you use all the same ingredients in the pipe blend. The reason is because of the construction of a cigar. A cigar has filler tightly wrapped in a binder and wrapper and then everything is aged together. I believe the wrapper is wet when the the cigar is rolled, so that might change the flavor as well.

"Shanty is Jack's own recipe. I don't think he helped on Billy Bud, he may have but he never told me he did but C&D wanted to name it after Jack but he refused which is why we went somewhat subtle on naming this blend out of respect for our dear friend. We did want to honor his memory and what he meant to our club so we came up with Jack's Shanty, as anyone who knew Jack, knew that his brand of songs were the salty songs of the sea, or shanty's. I believe we paid respectful tribute to him in the tin description. Give it a try...
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PostSubject: Re: cigar leaf you say? BALDERDASH!   Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:30 pm

Thanks for clarifying that, the C&D site says "Created for our late friend Sailorman Jack", which is indeed different than his doing the blending. I would hope that he at least liked it, though!
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PostSubject: Re: cigar leaf you say? BALDERDASH!   Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:55 pm

When I picked the pipe up again back in July I purchased P&C's "Where Pipes meet Cigar's" sampler pack. This wonderful assortment contained three tins (McClelland Dominican Glory Maduro, GL Pease Key Largo, GL Pease Robusto) and three baggies of bulk blend (Cornell & Diehl Habana Daydream, H&H Virginia Spice, cigar leaf). I've been smoking all but the cigar leaf ever since and I love 'em all. I don't think I'm smoking crushed up cigars in my pipe...I'm smoking something much better. Other than the Virginia spice the smooth flavor from the addition of some quality cigar leaf to the blends has really enhanced my smoking pleasure. I highly recommend this sample to any pipe smoking cigar lover.
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cigar leaf you say? BALDERDASH!
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