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 What Hollywood thinks the pipe you smoke says about you

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PostSubject: What Hollywood thinks the pipe you smoke says about you   Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:22 pm

So I was up early on Saturday and I caught a made for HBO movie called Something the Lord Made. It was a decent enough movie about the first heart surgery performed on an infant. Mos Def (who actually lived near me in NY for a little while) played the doctor's assistant. Most of the movie takes place in during WWII and when he's young and struggling financially he smokes a rather nice looking but simple rusticated billiard with a slight bend to it. Then later in the film when he's older and doing well financially he is shown holding a smooth, polished billiard with a silver band (My guess is Dunhill but I couldn't see if it had the dot or not.) Now I'm of the opinion that every thing Hollywood does is on purpose, so I think this was quite intentional.

He's actually smoking the first pipe in the DVD cover art:

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What Hollywood thinks the pipe you smoke says about you
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