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 How Many Here Have The Addiction PAD?

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Age : 51
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PostSubject: Re: How Many Here Have The Addiction PAD?   Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:01 pm

Cartaphilus wrote:
Being that I'm hopelessly addicted, PAD Pipe Acquisition Disorder, I was wondering how much company I have. I don't mean buying one every other month or one a month. I mean you buy as many as you can possibly can and pay your bills prompt and in full.
Lets see a raise of hands.....................................One, twoooooo, nope just one. I was afraid of that. I reckon I'm alone. Yes, I also have Excessive Compulsive Disorder.
My bills are ALWAYS paid and on time if not early but, I just cant stop buying the dad burn things. Every extra cent I have goes towards pipes.
And eBay is the worse place for me considering they have over 10,000 pipes listed each day. And aggravating also because I can find at least 25 or more pipes a day that I want but, can only afford maybe 4 - 6 a month. I've tried just picking out the best of the lot and it never fails after I've purchased what I can afford out of them one pops up that's a rare one and I'm left with no money to buy it.
Does anyone have this problem or wants to admit it?

Please, don't tell me what I need to do to stop this madness of mine, I already know. I do what makes me happy as long as it doesn't effect the lives of others. So, I buy pipes and I even smoke some on occasion believe it or not.
So, It be nice to hear that I'm not alone but, I fear for the worst here.
Well, does anybody have a similar problem, like you cant stop buying woman's negligees or wearing them? NO No I havent come to that yet.

Nope, you're definitely not alone. I sold two dozen pieces in 2011 and in turn bought 37.
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Location : Mexico City
Registration date : 2009-08-24

PostSubject: Re: How Many Here Have The Addiction PAD?   Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:28 pm


This is a progressive disease that can only be treated by total abstinence. Separation from your pipe(s) of choice is mandatory if any meaningful recovery to take place. Send all pipes to me for safe keeping. You might not see it now, but this is for your own good. Really. I love you
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Age : 34
Location : Durham, NC
Registration date : 2011-03-06

PostSubject: Re: How Many Here Have The Addiction PAD?   Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:36 pm

UberHuberMan wrote:
When I first got started I was OUT OF CONTROL. My collection went from 1 to 50 in the course of two years... and I was just out of college! At the end of that year, I'd spent enough time worrying about how I was going to pay rent and buy food that I managed to reel myself in. My PAD slowly decreased until, in 2011, I purchased the smallest number of pipes per year since I began: 3. Of course now I spend between $200 and $400 per pipe... so...

Once I managed to get control of my PAD, I had a lot of extra cash, so I thought I'd buy some tobacco to smoke in my pipes. Yes I'd been buying baccy along the way as well, but at this point I began to really get into buying the good stuff. Surprise surprise, I wound up with a terrible affliction called TAD. I've done much to reel this in over time and now I only go on splurges. I think I still spend about $100 a month on tobacco, whether it's tinned or in cigar form.

Between May and November of 2011, I managed to buy only $50 worth of tobacco and only 1 pipe, totaling only $250 in that time frame. I think in December alone, I spent close to $700 on pipes and tobacco. Maybe more.

Like I said, splurges. Razz

Yeah, remember this? I think I caught another P&TAD bug. It's got a hold of my wallet and it will just not let go! Razz
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Location : Western Maryland
Registration date : 2011-05-24

PostSubject: Re: How Many Here Have The Addiction PAD?   Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:44 pm

From my pipe log spreadsheet, I bought 25 pipes in 2011 and kept 14. One so far in 2012, so that is 15 and counting. Which seems about right, I certainly don't "need" another.
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How Many Here Have The Addiction PAD?
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