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 prayers needed

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Age : 44
Location : North New Jersey
Registration date : 2011-01-13

PostSubject: prayers needed   Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:45 am

I never said anything here but my son, wife and I need all the prayers we can get. I know some of you are aware of the Irene damage we was delt but there is much more and much worse we are dealing with. First my wife cannot find a job and it has been three years. her severe asthma and other disabilities have alot to do with it we think. we are hopeing she can get on disability soon. She had been hospitalized twice this year due to severe asthma that turned to pneumonia.

The absolute worse thing we are dealing with is what happened to my son. About a year ago we discovered my son was molested several times by a neighbor kid (son was 8 kid was 11) Court is said and done and the kid plead out which means he didn't have meghans law forced on him but he got the rest which is he has to go to counciling, he or his family must have no contact with us, and if him or his brother are outside an adult must supervise them. there are other things he must do as well. My son has changed a bit because of it, he now not only has depression issues, ADHD, but also has anger issues. we have him on alot of meds to help and we are hopeing that he will have a break through with his therapist and the meds work or he will have to be hospitilized.I do what I can by taking him fishing or whatever he wants to do.

I recently left the dealership and took a paycut for a job elsewhere. It means more time I can spend with my son to help him and do what he wants. I am also looking at a house close by that is on a "lake" (actually part of the river) that has a garage (future mancave/workshop) storage shed and pleanty of running room for my son. Hopefully we can afford the rent so we can get him out of the neighborhood and we can go fishing anytime without having to drive.

as you can see we have alot on our plates and I thank you all in advance for all the well wishes and prayers.
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Age : 45
Location : Park Hills, MO
Registration date : 2011-01-19

PostSubject: Re: prayers needed   Mon Mar 26, 2012 9:46 am

My prayers go out to you and your family. Best wishes to you all. I know the Brothers will all pull together in prayer for you and your family.

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Registration date : 2008-07-02

PostSubject: Re: prayers needed   Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:10 am

I'm very sorry to hear these problems have been thrown at you. Kudos for spending more time with your son, especially drowning worms. My thoughts are with you and your family, and hope for a quick return to normal.
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Age : 59
Location : Huntsville Alabama
Registration date : 2011-02-26

PostSubject: Re: prayers needed   Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:11 am

My prayers go out for you as well. I know alittle about your son and your situation. My step daughter years ago delt with that. shes now 30. Getting away from there is good.
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prayers needed
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