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Age : 56
Location : tucson, az
Registration date : 2012-03-20

PostSubject: vegassmokes.com   Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:40 pm

Has anyone done any business with vegassmokes.com? I ordered a pipe from them almost two weeks ago. I have not received it yet. And I can't get a hold of anyone there. I have been calling about every hour for the last couple of days, I just get a message saying to leave a message. I'm just curious if there is anyone else out there with any experience dealing with them.
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Age : 45
Location : Centennial, CO
Registration date : 2012-02-29

PostSubject: Re: vegassmokes.com   Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:49 pm

Check here:


Also, put vegassmokes.com into a google search.
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Puff Daddy

Age : 54
Location : South of heaven
Registration date : 2007-12-09

PostSubject: Re: vegassmokes.com   Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:59 pm

One of the few really horrible vendors. If you paid via credit card call your bank and ask them to reverse the charges.

These are horrible times and all sorts of horrible people are prospering, but we must never let this disturb our equanimity or deflect us from our sacred duty to annoy and hinder them at every turn.
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Age : 72
Location : Northeast Georgia
Registration date : 2008-01-03

PostSubject: Re: vegassmokes.com   Wed Mar 28, 2012 1:13 pm

Never have done business with them. Heard too many stories like yours for me to risk my money. There are many companies with good reputations listed in this boards "links" section with whom I do business with.

If you do a Google search for vegas smokes, you'll probably find out what it takes to get relief from your problem.

Good luck,

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Registration date : 2012-03-29

PostSubject: Re: vegassmokes.com   Fri Mar 30, 2012 3:01 am

Thankfully, I came into the knowledge involving the status of VegasSmokes...

...from this joint, which is the best reason why we gotta all be brothers & look out for the shady types, because they are plentiful on the nett'd scape of instant commerce.

Hopefully you can work with your bank to reverse the charges, it's still a time-frame where they can actually be pro-active...in my case, I wait'd too long giving grace to those lousy scammers before contacting my bank...I was horrified after a little button touch concerning LightersX.com, even total F with the BBB yet they still are able to be a supposedly legitimate source as a seller of goods?

The technology is simply beyond the LAW & extreme caution must be taken when dealing with an unknown quantity, believe me, I feel for you & hope you can get yer bread back...it was an expensive lesson for me & reinforced the vigilance necessary with any online transaction...

...don't feel like a sucker, I got scamm'd over too, why the hell is the site still up anyways?!?!?!?

This is where a hardcore enclave of enthusists such as this joint does hereby provide the true wealth of actual experience, keen insight & priceless aid in the discovery of what's what.
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Location : Columbus, OH
Registration date : 2012-03-28

PostSubject: Re: vegassmokes.com   Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:56 am

Man, I'm sorry to hear that. They do seem to have a less than stellar reputation. I had a friend that ordered a Stanwell HCA from them and it took months to arrive after prodding and pressing the issue. I wouldn't give up all hope yet, but that is definably somewhere to avoid in the future.

I do almost all my business with smokingpipes.com and cupojoes.com. They are both excellent retailers, and I have built some personal contacts with the staff. Once they know you it makes the whole experience better.
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