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  Mad Men Descriminates Against Pipe Smokers?

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PostSubject: Mad Men Descriminates Against Pipe Smokers?   Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:34 am

I am a fan of the show Mad Men but I am beginning to question my support. Among the numerous cigarette smokers there have been two pipe smoking characters. The first was written out a couple seasons back and came back for a recent episode as a unfulfilled Hari Krishna devotee and the second character just hung himself from his office door. Now I ask you what does the show have against pipe smokers?
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PostSubject: Re: Mad Men Descriminates Against Pipe Smokers?   Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:22 pm


Big MadMen fan here, also. Seen every episode. Yeah, now that you mention it, your right about the pipe smokers disappearing.

Lane Pryce's pipes and humidor are clearly seen on his desk in several scenes, though he was rarely seen smoking. Not so for Paul Kinsey (Michael Gladis). He was nearly always seen smoking a pipe, and cleaning it too! Michael is a pipe smoker in real life, hence the pipe visibility.

Here's some links to an interesting interview with him:



After watching the interview, I made Michael one of my "Bill Cole" pipes as a gift with the request that he smoke it in a scene or two on the show. Alas, he was written out the very next season. Then he shows up this year as a Krishna, but unfortunately no pipe. Hopefully he'll make another appearance next season with the pipe. Fingers crossed.

By the way, Michael sent me a thank you gift for the pipe, but I'm not at liberty to disclose what it is. Just know that it is pretty cool!

I don't know that the writers have anything against pipe smokers per se, but suicide is rather out of character for a pipe man. Lane should have just relaxed, fired up a pipe and contemplated a way out of his situation. Quite a shocking episode, though. This entire season has been full of bombshells.

One more episode, then another loooong wait 'till next season. Mad


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Mad Men Descriminates Against Pipe Smokers?
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