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 Continuing my trip around Middle Earth

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Continuing my trip around Middle Earth Empty
PostSubject: Continuing my trip around Middle Earth   Continuing my trip around Middle Earth EmptySat Oct 06, 2012 2:50 pm

After stopping off in the shire and enjoying Longbottom leaf I have decided to continue my exploration of Middle Earth.

I took a quick Shortcut to Mushrooms this morning. From unsealing the bag I was greeted with a soft and once again earthy smell. This leaf was very full bodied. I don't really know any other way to explain it. It was more "potent" than the Longbottom Leaf but still very comforting. All in all a good smoke, but not my favorite.

After this I continued on to the Ruins of Isengard. When I opened the bag the smell brought to mind scenes from the movie of Isengard raved by the orcs and flooded from the ents. Of all the Leaf I have tried since starting this hobby this blend tastes and smell, while smoking, like a fine cigar. As a fan of "situational" leaf (i.e. different blends for different situations or times of day) this would be a very pleasant late afternoon early evening smoke. Every draw was relaxing and soothing.
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Continuing my trip around Middle Earth
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