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 Pipe #2 Pics

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Age : 58
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PostSubject: Pipe #2 Pics   Pipe #2 Pics EmptySat Nov 03, 2012 9:05 pm

Here's the carving pics from my second pipe.

Pipe #2 Pics Img_0621
Pipe #2 Pics Img_0622
Pipe #2 Pics Img_0623
Pipe #2 Pics Img_0624
Pipe #2 Pics Img_0625
Pipe #2 Pics Img_0627
Pipe #2 Pics Img_0628
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Kyle Weiss

Kyle Weiss

Location : Reno, NV
Registration date : 2011-09-18

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PostSubject: Re: Pipe #2 Pics   Pipe #2 Pics EmptySun Nov 04, 2012 3:44 pm

Even better. I love the bowl shape. Again, there's a little "evening" that's needed at the shank and stem...but it's very slight. When I've finished my pipes, I've sanded the shank with the stem in place, to get a very even "jump" between the gaps, making it as seamless as possible, then polished and buffed away to make 'em shine. It'd not even be worth mentioning if it didn't seem so close to "perfect." Cool
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Pipe #2 Pics
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