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 Molden Warden Stems?

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Molden Warden Stems? Empty
PostSubject: Molden Warden Stems?   Molden Warden Stems? EmptyMon Jan 21, 2013 9:08 pm

Has anyone else noticed the lack of availability of any pre-molded churchwarden stems, especially in the last couple years?
I used to get one small size from Pimo, and could find anything else through a couple Italian sellers on Ebay. No such luck on any front anymore. Pipe Makers' Emporium has one size of molded warden stem - the same thing Pimo used to carry. They're alright, but only in one *small and brittle* size, and often have off-center holes.

Does anyone have a good source of molded vulcanite warden stems? Or will I just have to start custom turning like all the real pipemakers out there? Smile
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Molden Warden Stems?
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