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 Restless musings… A new hope for our tobacco tomorrows

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PostSubject: Restless musings… A new hope for our tobacco tomorrows    Tue Jan 22, 2013 10:58 am

My fellow brothers of the briar be not amiss or downtrodden about the fate of the fuel we so wholeheartedly desire, of that I speak; our beloved tobacco. I would proffer that we, as a community of connoisseurs of the specific tobacco, blend and processes are shaping the vast engines of e-commerce and world markets to fill the niche market we represent. With our “dollar vote” and thanks to this site and few others, most know, exactly what we are looking for before we pull the trigger on a purchase and purchase we do. I would guess that partakers of the pipe of greater and lesser means drop some great poundage of cheddar on the purchase of our favorite mistress.

I know that my own flinging of the fortune has increasingly gone to online commerce, lamentably, because my local tobacconist has neither the capital, wit or will to compete with other merchants who have so aptly represented exactly what I and others are looking for when it comes to pipe and all the accouterments. Unless you live in a city or town in that a decent crowd of pipe smokers live, good luck at finding your favorite G. L Pease, C&D or what ever tickles your fumitory fancy. That is exactly my point, the average pipe smoker who may have been limited to a goopy drug store disaster, now, literally, has the world at their fingertips and each purchase, hopefully, sends the selection of pipe tobacco in a better direction.

Supply and demand will be met and until the current Statist regime starts kicking down doors for someone enjoying a pipe of quality tobacco, I surmise that at least in the interim, we are safe from the fate of the crusty juggler’s pandering bath salts and other such nonsense in the quasi-legal domain of head shops be they brick and mortar or virtual. Someone, somewhere, will find a way to meet the demand at the lowest price possible despite more ridiculous governmental regulation, taxes and God forbid a V.A.T., and if quality is the causality in this process, that supplier will find out very quickly that as a community we reward greatness and punish the shoddy of quality quite speedily.

If all else fails, I can still buy seeds and obtain the knowledge to grow, cure and store my own tobacco if need be. The seedlings are already starting to look promising in the greenhouse tray. Once I get better at this, trade and barter look like a good way to go. P )
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Restless musings… A new hope for our tobacco tomorrows
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