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 busy busy and good news

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busy busy and good news Empty
PostSubject: busy busy and good news   busy busy and good news EmptySun Mar 24, 2013 1:16 am

Still working 2 jobs just not as many hours which is good because trout season is coming and northern pike are spawning. In which is great because my son will be able to use his birthday gifts from me. I bought him a new "big boy" fishing pole as he calls it and a tackle box. I just saved up all my loose change until my cigar box "bank" was full then made a trip to the bank then went on the sportsman guide site and ordered them and got a membership which gave me a 20 dollar gift card. Now that the bank is almost full again it will be time to get more supplies for fishing from the guide cheers

my son is still having problems but they are getting to be less and less and not as bad.same with the wife and I still hanging in even though money is tight and she still hasn't got disability yet.

A couple years ago I lost a great friend to a drunk driver. My friend would do anything for anybody that he could do. he has been my designated driver as I was his. Money meant nothing to him other than something to have fun with or help out others, sometimes both in one shot. a small group of us would take turns suprising others in the group with a night out all expenses paid and a safe way home. This was all his idea his point in this was to have everyone to have a great time and not have to worry about being drunk and driving while enforceing our friendships. I still talk to all of them....and still even leave little notes on his FB page. The worse part of all this was I only talked to him on FB chat a couple hours before it happened.

After a little over 2 years justice finally arrived the man was sentanced. I do not agree with the light sentance they gave him but it was some justice.


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busy busy and good news
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