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 Questions about taxes? April 15 is one week away...

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PostSubject: Questions about taxes? April 15 is one week away...   Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:30 am

As a certified public number cruncher, I've been putting in significant hours doing what I can to prevent my clients from paying Uncle Sam any more than they are legally required to pay. It dawned on me after I chastised BentBulldog about tax refunds really being your money that some of you brothers may have some tax conundrums for which you haven't found an answer. So I'll open this thread up to answering tax and accounting questions for those that haven't filed. I'm not a state or local tax wiz so keep it to a federal level. If you prefer to keep your questions off the board you are welcome to PM me. I'll try to respond once a day.

While I'm not a rampant poster on here I try to drop in and lurk a couple times a week. I 'll probably post more once tax season is over. Cheers and hopefully I'll be able to provide some help to you guys and gals.
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Questions about taxes? April 15 is one week away...
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