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 I've had enough of this city!

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Age : 61
Location : Chestnut, IL
Registration date : 2007-12-10

PostSubject: Re: I've had enough of this city!   Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:47 pm

I like cities for the fact that you can get some really great food that you will find no where else. Bagels. Sausage. Chicago style hotdogs. Fresh veggies, seafood, and other stuff.

But I detest the crowds. I hate the traffic. I do not want to be cooped up. It's all I can do to stay in a motel for several days.


"Never turn your back on a Breen".
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Kyle Weiss


Location : Reno, NV
Registration date : 2011-09-18

PostSubject: Re: I've had enough of this city!   Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:48 pm

Carlos, you've obviously never had Nevada Basque chorizo. cheers One does not to have to venture to a big city for good food--you find a good source, whatever that area's specialty is.

Small town life isn't for everyone.

Those that need constant excitement and are willing to fork out cash for the honor and prestige of a certain city, they need the kinds of jobs that cities can provide just to live that way. That's all cities are: lifestyle. You make twice as much to get taxed thrice as much, cut down on space to up the image...*cough* ...my mistake, I mean "culture." Laughing tongue

It ain't to talk crap on all cities, some are cool, I'd just never live in one. Not for me, sir. Not when I've tasted fresh air, felt true open spaces and heard ear-ringing quiet while outside.
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I've had enough of this city!
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