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 fubar as mixers

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PostSubject: fubar as mixers   fubar as mixers EmptyFri Jun 14, 2013 1:25 pm

so i recently got a few tins of fubar snuff, and i love it. nice strength, burn and drip. the plain is a bit fine and can make you cough a little, and the toast is just awesome. i've been using both to add some strength to my favorite blends. all the ratios are rough, and you'll need to alter them to your taste. 

my favorite, been using it as a daily is two parts fubar toast, three parts G&Hco lakeland. nice strength, menthol hit and pretty long lasting. when the menthol fades the lakeland scent (not like pipe tobacco lakeland) mixes with the barnyard toast and is really nice

three parts WoS queens extra strong (or tom buck, same thing) to two parts snafu plain. just adds a little strength to the queens. a bit dry and fine so sniff gently. 

half and half toasted to SG mandarin - snuffing this now. the mandarin is a great scent. it's like an orange julius or something. the toast adds some depth. i might add more toast for my next snort. nice and moist and easy to take. can clump a little. 

post your favorite recipes! i'll be updating as i get more going
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fubar as mixers
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