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 Is this the Face of True Love in 2013?

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Age : 28
Location : coast of mississippi
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PostSubject: Re: Is this the Face of True Love in 2013?   Sun Jul 14, 2013 9:48 pm

It's not about the tatoos for me, me and the wife both have ink. I drew the one I have across my back my self. The question is what if it was your child who came home with that after the first date. Have a son , thank god, but I'm sure most men would agree they'd be upset if their little girl made a life changing decision as such with out consoling with their father. Hell I think lots of tattoos on a woman with crazy hair color is hot but my wife and I choose to hide them because it makes life easier for us and the kid.
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Age : 50
Location : North of Pittsburgh pa
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PostSubject: Re: Is this the Face of True Love in 2013?   Mon Jul 15, 2013 12:48 am

I work two jobs my first job is I am in charge of a rolling dept. of a steel mill, I have a crew of about 10 to 15 guys under me and I deal directly with customers when they bring their product (steel, titanium) to us to convert for them.
I am fully sleeved and have a dotted line around my neck that says "cut here"
my second job is a tattoo artist
I have been tattooing for around 15 years, I have tattooed people from all walks of life from junkies to DEA agents, lawyers, bikers, policemen, Doctors, soldiers, moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers Smile 

again I do not recommend facial and neck tattoos for anyone, and I personally will not tattoo the face unless it is for cosmetic reasons, I have turned people away for neck tattoos if I felt it was a bad decision on their part, like an 18year old kid who wanted his first tattoo on his throat, him and his mother were not happy with my refusal but at least I could sleep that night with a clean conscious Shocked 

but back to my point, this isn't the 50's or hell even the 80's when tattoos were looked down on, Today in most modern parts of this country tattoos are acceptable

personally I liked it better when people thought i was nuts for having my arms sleeved with tattoos, now a days i end up talking about them with complete strangers when I would rather be on my way doing something else
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Is this the Face of True Love in 2013?
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