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 Heading to a clergy retreat

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PostSubject: Re: Heading to a clergy retreat   Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:56 pm

Fr_Tom wrote:
Briarbabe wrote:

Glad the socks are going along.
The socks have been very nice, and they are perfect for that meer that did not come with a case and for packing pipes when you are heading somewhere. Historically, I have put all the smoking gear in a ziplock freezer baggie and packed it with everything else in a suitcase. To keep the pipes from getting scarred up from rubbing on a pipe nail or tin of ODF while in transit, I have wrapped them in folded paper towels and secured the paper towels with a rubber band. This is not especially elegant, but it has always worked well. The pipe socks are a huge improvement on the former system, add a touch of class, etc.
Funny that I should read a man of the cloth talking about how to "tote pipes" today, as just today I've discovered a great use for any unused Bible covers - you know the kind that zipper around a Bible and have a handle?  I packed 4 GLP tins in a no-longer-used-one this morning along with my pipe in its own tote (holding a pipe, lighter and pipe cleaners).  Held everything nicely and allowed me a good selection from which to choose for my lunch smoke, whilst reading my Bible in the newer Bible cover Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Heading to a clergy retreat   Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:57 pm

Oddly, I have never used one of those Bible covers. I have Bibles in the car, by my chair, on my desk, etc. When I travel, I put one of them in a ziplock freezer bag in the luggage along with my prayer book. This keeps them protected, and they don't come open and crumple pages.
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Heading to a clergy retreat
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