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 Seeking my bomber:

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Age : 39
Location : Philly
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Seeking my bomber: Empty
PostSubject: Seeking my bomber:   Seeking my bomber: EmptyThu Dec 26, 2013 3:40 pm

First an apology, we've been all over the east coast this past week and just made a post Christmas pitstop here in Philly before heading up to spend New Years in beautiful, sunny, (let's be honest, damn near tropic) Syracuse NY. So I have been bit out of touch.

Anyway, I came home to two packages. One very generous package from my designated bomber (who managed to find three tobaccos I have yet to try!). But there was also a package, a single tin of Embarcadero, that appears separate and distinct from the first. The second appears to have been ordered on 12/24 and my guess is P&C screwed up and sent it to me, mine likely being the last shipping address saved in their system.

Anyway bomber of mine, PM me with an address and I'll see that this tin makes it to its rightful destination.
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Seeking my bomber:
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