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 GBD - from unsmokable to excellent

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Age : 74
Location : Cape Town
Registration date : 2011-01-28

PostSubject: GBD - from unsmokable to excellent   Wed Jun 18, 2014 7:39 am

I bought a NOS GBD Shoreline pot about 3 years ago. Lovely big pipe, 6žinch long, black sandblasted, with the brass oval on the stem. Beautiful pipe but a bad smoker. It gurgled and well, it just wasn't a good smoker. It was sitting in my rack, just taking up space. I hardly ever smoked it and it was still like new.

So today I decided to do something about it. The airhole through the shank was a shade over 3mm. I like an open draw, so I opened it up to 4mm. My idea was that, if the pipe was spoiled, I will just give it to someone or put it in the wastebin. No big loss.

And now I have a brand new, excellent smoker  cheers bounce cheers  This is now the 4th pipe I've altered in such a way, everytime with positive results.

I'm a happy chappie  lol! 
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Richard Burley

Richard Burley

Location : North Coast NY
Registration date : 2011-04-09

PostSubject: Re: GBD - from unsmokable to excellent   Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:13 am

Yes, that sounds about right. I have often wondered why some estate pipes I have picked up were offered for sale. Quite a few times the air hole is either way too small or almost completely blocked with stuff. How was the pipe ever smoked at all? I have to assume that the seller thought the pipe was junk as a result and decided to foist it off on someone else. A quick ream with that attachment thingy on a clean-n-ream remedies the lack of a draw, and all is well. I think it's about 4 mm. (Too lazy to mike it right now.)
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GBD - from unsmokable to excellent
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