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 Brothers near the Beaufort SC Region.

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Age : 27
Location : Cherrypoint
Registration date : 2011-12-09

PostSubject: Brothers near the Beaufort SC Region.   Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:55 pm

Good evening everyone, I was wondering if any of the brothers here live near the Beaufort SC Area, and if so would like to have a smoke sometime. I recently moved down here and so I have to find new people to smoke with. Also does anyone know of any good pipe or tobacco stores around this area.
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Age : 40
Location : Somewhere near Philly, PA
Registration date : 2009-12-31

PostSubject: Re: Brothers near the Beaufort SC Region.   Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:51 pm

Not from the area, but was just there a few weeks ago on Hunting Island. If you havent been there yet you should check it out if you like that kinda thing (I do!). Had several great smokes on the beach and in the campground. Sea turtles are laying eggs this season too (we saw one!) so no lights on the beach at night but a pipe should be fine if you keep the match covered. Fishing can be good in places too.

Didnt exactly investigate Beaufort proper in detail, but the only tobacco shop i saw was a cigar shop on the riverfront in Savannah, GA which is about an hour away and also well worth a trip if you havent been or even if you have. Dono if they had much pipe stuff, didnt go in but its a big enough town you should be able to find something.

Sorry its probably not much help, but its the best i can offer and i figured it cant hurt since nobody else was chiming in.
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Brothers near the Beaufort SC Region.
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