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 Antique radios - Anyone collect/restore? show them

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Location : West Michigan
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PostSubject: Antique radios - Anyone collect/restore? show them   Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:28 pm

Sometime ago my wife's grandma sold her house, and everything in it. Looking at the stuff she was selling I came across this little radio and had to have it. This isn't mine, just one like it.

Mine is in great shape and works flawlessly. Sound quality was surprisingly good, and there is just something about an antique radio that speaks to me (no pun intended). From a collector's stand point this isn't very valuable (10-20 bucks on ebay). I am guessing this is a transistor radio, but I don't want to open it and confirm. I had kids 5 years ago so I put it away when they started walking, then forgot I had it. I found it last week and put it in my mancave and suddenly got an interest in antique radios, specifically tube radios.

I have been looking on ebay at working 1940's - 1960's tube radios, especially those art deco ones that look like the front of a car. Boy, would I love to have one in my mancave, but they aren't cheap when they are in good condition.

Anyone here restore/collect? can you share some pictures and info?
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Antique radios - Anyone collect/restore? show them
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