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 Todays virtual smoker

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Age : 31
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PostSubject: Re: Todays virtual smoker   Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:54 pm

Sorry to hear about the sickness, Joel, my wife has been sick, so that means I'll be next and I'll feel your pain. As for the smoke, sorry I missed it, but I worked the night before, slept till like 1 -ish, but there were a ton of people at the house when I woke up, none of which like my smoking, so I didn't get to smoke till about 3 a.m. on the second, but it was meant to be 12 hours prior, so consider me there in spirit from the future.

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tin man
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PostSubject: Re: Todays virtual smoker   Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:46 pm

tin man wrote:
jhuggett wrote:

Hey Tin Man, what did you think of that Navy Cavendish? I picked up a couple tins but haven't yet popped on.

I really enjoyed my first bowl of the NC. I could not taste any rum, yet I could sure taste what the rum did to it. It was very deep for a McClelland VA, yet it was not too heavy or complex - just right. High quality broken flakes as you would expect from McClelland. The tin I was smoking from was 12 years old. There was no ketchup, no vinegar, no tang. A little on the dry side, just right for packing. It was a beautiful thing . . . . .

I'm having another bowl tomorrow!

Just a quick update on the Navy Cavendish. I had my third bowl of it today, and for whatever reason, I could briefly taste the Rum in the first third of the bowl. Maybe it's because I smoked a much smaller pipe today, maybe it was the weather, or maybe my taste buds are finally recovered from that nasty virus . Funny............ once I could clearly identify the Rum, it make me consider what Pembroke is to Margate.

Try not to figure any of this out, it's just a follow up rambling of my initial impression of McClelland's Navy Cavendish.

FWIW, $0.02, YMMV
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Todays virtual smoker
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