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 Fashion faux pas? You decide...

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PostSubject: Re: Fashion faux pas? You decide...   Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:25 pm

False nude outfits are a pet peeve of mine. It's so stupid to me. I especially notice it on ladies figure skating outfits. If it's too cold to wear a deep v fronted top then wear an appropriate top, without a false nude v. Believe it or not, I'm not titillated by beige fabric. When I see false nude outfits anywhere all I see is someone saying "I want to appear as though I'm wearing less than I'm willing to." This translates directly to "I'm an idiot."
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PostSubject: Re: Fashion faux pas? You decide...   Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:25 pm

Actually, fellas, one of the girls designed the uniform because the team could not afford to have a pro do it.  The design was even approved by government body that sponsors them!  Both the impromptu designer and the bureaucrats involved have stated that they didn't realize the gold/tan color would look like a flesh tone and create the unfortunate result it did, they just wanted to incorporate the national colors (yellow, blue and red) into their outfits.  When the controversy started overseas, it was quickly picked up over here, and everybody jumped in on it, from sporstcasters to news columnists, and even a few politicians.  The girls were made fun of on TV, radio, and in print.  They insisted repeatedly that the obvious shortcomings of the design were accidental, and that they wished people would talk about their athletic performance rather than their (lack of) design skills.  The outcome of this ridiculous fiasco was that they are getting proper uniforms from now on, and they will NOT have a part in designing them.
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Fashion faux pas? You decide...
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