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 Estate Kaywoodie needs a cleaning

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PostSubject: Estate Kaywoodie needs a cleaning   Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:52 pm

Ok guys, so I just got my hands on that estate Kaywoodie Magnum that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. (It's been here but I've been on vacation).  I was very pleased by the looks and weight of it but, it stinks.  Literally, it smells like my clothes used to after an overnight camp out.  Now I just may not be used to the smell of an used pipe but man is it bad.  The pictures will show that the bowl looks to have been reamed but the shank shows some debris.  I did run one dry pipe cleaner down the shank and got nothing but a little tobacco dust.  I was also unable to get a pipe cleaner completely thru the stem/stinger.  I can't get past the bend thru the stinger, and can get down to the top of the stinger thru the bit.  The stinger appears to have been cut off but all the threads are still there to screw into the shank.  Even when I remove the stem from the pipe, even it has a slight foul odor when I draw thru it.  I also found it weird how the grain pattern differs from left side to right. So let me know what I need to do to remove the smell.  Any other suggestions or recommendations are welcome as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Estate Kaywoodie needs a cleaning   Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:33 pm

Couple different thing you could try.

1. Salt & alcohol treatment. This works well for pulling out the nasties (tar, etc). There's plenty of good info on the web about how to do this.

2. Send it to Mike Myers at Walker Briar Works for a cleaning & ozone treatment. I did this with an estate Castello Sea Rock that was beyond home treatment earlier this year and the pipe came back smelling and tasting quite neutral.

3. Smoke it! Since your Kaywoodie is pretty much scraped down to the bare wood, take a simple tobacco you enjoy and smoke the Bejesus out of it until it obeys your command. A simple burley will help you quickly build a neutral tasting cake in the pipe, and not set you back too much $$$ in tobacco. For example, I used to enjoy breaking my pipes in (estate or new), with Carter Hall or for more flair something like John Patton's Storm Front. These are simple blends w/o much of a top note and as mentioned they build a pretty quick cake. After the cake is built you can purpose the pipe for any tobacco you want too enjoy and very few bowls of that new tobacco will taste like the cake.
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PostSubject: Re: Estate Kaywoodie needs a cleaning   Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:03 pm

The pipe doesn't look dirty enough to reak badly, it may be your just not use to a tobacco sent.
The shank is a bit dirty but, a bristle cleaner should get most of it out. The bowl looks like
someone really reamed it to the wood and may have gone down a bit too deep, it's hard to tell
in a photo but, I would run a cleaner through the shank to the bowl and see if the cleaner
comes in contact with the bottom of the bowl. If not it may need a bit of mud in the bottom.
Depending what brand and type of pipe cleaners your using a standard "Dill" pipe cleaner should go
through the stem, stingers are always a bit of a hassle to get through but, being it's been cut off
it should pass fairly easy.
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Dix Creek

Dix Creek

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PostSubject: Re: Estate Kaywoodie needs a cleaning   Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:12 pm

First of all that is a good looking pipe, excellent job. I have found Course salt and Vodka helps a lot. Also the stem could maybe use a good bristle brush and some pure grain. Best of luck.
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Estate Kaywoodie needs a cleaning
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