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 Kretschmer Jars for Storage

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PostSubject: Kretschmer Jars for Storage   Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:23 pm

Yr Humble Servant, always alert for less expensive ways to store tobacco, has a better (or at least cheaper) tobacco trap for you -- Kretscher Wheat Germ jars. KWG is available in the cereal section of your local supermarekt. I was introduced to it by My Daughter the Nurse who has kindly volunteered to supervise me and boss me around in all matters involving my health. Wheat germ is indeed a painless way to boost the nutrients in your daily oatmeal and salads. And the 12 oz jars have a pop seal on the lid. (Wheat germ has to be refrigerated after opening.) Once the contents of the jar have been exhausted, just put the jar through the dishwasher and it then serves very well (at little cost) as a tobacco container for the short- or mid-term. I can't vouch for longer tem, having no experience of that at this time. With a bit of luck, the wheat germ could enable me to complete a long-term test of smoker's short cuts. In addition, you might want to look in the health food frozen aisle for Ezekial English muffins, available in plain and blueberry. Both are tasty with a dab of peanut butter. After consuming the muffins, note that the plastic sack they are sold in is of an exceptional ruggedness. I've found these sacks useful for bulk tobak storage and a handy container for aging tins, sort of a belt and suspenders approach to the job. You're welcome, I'm sure.
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Kretschmer Jars for Storage
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