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 New Pipe Club - Frederick, MD (Nov 18th)

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riff raff

riff raff

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New Pipe Club - Frederick, MD (Nov 18th) Empty
PostSubject: New Pipe Club - Frederick, MD (Nov 18th)   New Pipe Club - Frederick, MD (Nov 18th) EmptyMon Nov 03, 2014 2:03 pm

A new pipe club is getting started in Frederick, MD.  The club organizer sent out a information email today about the club and first meeting:

Hello to all,
My name is Mark and for many years I have trekked many miles every month to attend pipe club meetings. Because of this, in the back of my mind I have had an idea of starting a Frederick Pipe Club here in my own back yard, for that same many years. Well, now, I finally have the avenue/location to pursue it, thanks to Ed and Quartermaster. You are getting this email because you have in one way or another expressed the same desire. So I am trying to make a go of this and see where it goes.

The Frederick Pipe Club will hold it's first meeting:
When - 7pm-9pm Tuesday evening 18Nov2014
Where - Quartermaster Cigars,
             880 N East St, Frederick, MD 21701

Two things I ask you to think about before the meeting:
1 - Food. I ask that people give me feed back on this ASAP. I was thinking of either picking up some pizza or something else and people kick in money when they get there or just have everyone pick something up for themselves for the first meeting and we can discuss for the future meetings.
2 - What kind of Pipe Club are you looking for? Meaning are you looking for a formal structured pipe club with dues with the meetings centering only around pipes and tobaccos with presentations and such, or are you looking for this to lean more to the social type club where a bunch pipe guys get together and smoke their pipes and share tobaccos and talk about the latest in their pipe world. Or maybe something in between. I have my idea as to how I would like this club to go but would like input, as this will not be my club, but our club.
Well, I look forward to your feed back.
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New Pipe Club - Frederick, MD (Nov 18th)
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