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 C&D Yorktown

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Location : Brandenburg, Ky
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PostSubject: C&D Yorktown   C&D Yorktown EmptyTue Dec 30, 2014 9:23 pm

C&D's description: Stoved red Virginia is combined with bright Virginia and restoved. Straight red Virginia is then added to this remarkable base for sweetness. The acme of mixtures for the Virginia purist!

I recieved 4oz of this blend having been designated as the Thanksgiving Turkey. I've only smoked a few bowls so this is more a first impression.

The tobacco is an extremely short ribbon of mostly Medium Browns with some lighter almost tan looking ribbons scattered here and there.

Their website puts it in the full flavored/full strength/light-medium room note.

I would agree with the full flavor. Going strictly off of their description it is an utter failure. It does have a very mild sweetness on the backend but the smoke itself is very earthy. It reminds me of a tobacco barn on the Knox/Clay county line in south east Kentucky 30 years ago. It doesn't seem very processed. If they had called me and asked for a name I'd name it Gravel Road or maybe Farm House. I find it pleasent.

Strength wise.. I don't find it overpowering by any means but considering I smoke mostly Dark Flake and Dark Birdseye that's not much help. It's satisfying, it's on the high side of average.

Room Note.. If you smoke around others they probably won't whine too much. Not much in here to smell 'bad'. If you don't smoke around others they are going to whine regardless. So ehh. Whatever. My theory has always been: Who cares, if you don't like the smell leave.
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PostSubject: Re: C&D Yorktown   C&D Yorktown EmptyTue Dec 30, 2014 9:50 pm

Nice review pb. I've not had this but will be on my short list to try in due course. I'm mostly a VA guy these days and a stout blend of this sounds right up my alley.

Good to hear it doesn't have the oomph of Dark Flake or Dark Birdseye. That would kick my scrawny lil' arse!




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C&D Yorktown
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