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 Ripped From The Headlines Coffee Edition

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PostSubject: Re: Ripped From The Headlines Coffee Edition   Ripped From The Headlines Coffee Edition - Page 2 EmptyTue Oct 06, 2015 3:18 am

@nismo270r: It's a good thing that you didn't buy the bialetti's electrical pot. While the timer function is a gift from heaven (you can set it so that the coffe wakes you up) - it will always produce an inferior cup in comparison with non-automated pots, because the electrical one never swiches off in time, thus producing a burnt brew.

@George: It's a mistake (or rather - a simplification) to present the moka as "a stove espresso machine". It's a moka - in it's own right. It can achieve a bit over 1 bar of pressure, nowhere near 10+ bars of espresso machines, so normally it can't have same results. Upside is the cost, an order of magnitude less than for a decent machine, and if you dunk the lower half of your moka pot in some cold water just as it's finishing (BEFORE all the water has gone through the ground coffe) and if you kept it on low flames all the time, then it won't be burnt. French press is practical for work, but it makes a much more watery drink than moka*.

*If I had a grinder then french press would be much more interesting for me than it is now.
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Ripped From The Headlines Coffee Edition
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