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 OH MY GOD! HH Bold Kentucky

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Thomas Tkach

Thomas Tkach

Age : 31
Location : North Dakota
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PostSubject: Re: OH MY GOD! HH Bold Kentucky   Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:24 pm

The two or so bowls of Pegasus I've had fresh have been Burley forward, unoticable amount of BC, and enough VA sweetness to make it not too earthy/harsh to enjoy (for my palate). Maybe I'll fire up a bowl tomorrow morning!

DrumsAndBeer wrote:
DireWolf wrote:
Isn't that what is used for the dark fired Ky?

(Thanks for the offer, but I feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment - I still have a massive order inbound with the 20% HH sale)

Yes. Dark Fired Kentucky is burley, smoke cured obviously. I do enjoy it, exceptions aside, mostly as a condiment.

I am trying to find my stride with good ol' regular burley, which often tastes bitter to me.

Yes to this. DFK is Burley based, but the curing makes a HUGE difference. Some people like latakia but not other orientals, and it can be the same way with air-cured vs. fire-cured burley.

DrumsAndBeer wrote:
DireWolf wrote:
I was hoping for a hot pressed lat bomb or something.

Pirate Kake, I'll send you a chunk if you're interested.

I don't think that's HOT pressed, since I don't believe C&D own the machinery to hot-press stuff. I'm not sure anyone on this continent does. The heat during the pressing is part of what gives FVF, BBF, and ODF a distinct aspect of their flavor. I happen to love what a hot press does for a blend. The hot press is another distinct part of the process (like curing) which can take the same leaf and make it into something that tastes different.
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PostSubject: Re: OH MY GOD! HH Bold Kentucky   Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:45 am

I'm not sure I will want to try this one.

I'm quite happy with ODF and Latakia Flake and also have a little stash of Irish Flake at hand.

Besides these, I have some C & D Burley Flakes # 1, 2 & 3; GL Pease Cumberland.

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Age : 32
Location : Delaware
Registration date : 2015-01-26

PostSubject: Re: OH MY GOD! HH Bold Kentucky   Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:54 pm

Smoking a bowl of it now. Smooth and delicious, really strong. I have quite a buzz going.
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Location : Mexico City
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PostSubject: Re: OH MY GOD! HH Bold Kentucky   Wed Apr 01, 2015 9:11 pm

I ordered a tin this morning. Looking forward to trying it!

Many of the greatest pleasures in life are illegal, immoral, or smelly.

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OH MY GOD! HH Bold Kentucky
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