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 Sooooo, Funny Story

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PostSubject: Sooooo, Funny Story   Thu Jun 11, 2015 9:55 am

My co-workers and I have been experimenting with various tobaccos recently. We have two new people who are just getting into cigars and then picked up pipes. But all of us are into trying new stuff and different tobacco forms.

Two weeks ago we tried dip. I had tried it before and knew that I would have it in for all of 10 seconds and get dizzy. Well, apparently my co-workers have a very high nicotine tolerance (one man, one woman) both claimed to feel nothing.

One week ago, we tried snus. Small pouch of tobacco where you don't have to spit. I found this much more enjoyable than the dip. My co-workers enjoyed it as well but also said that they still didn't feel anything.

Which brings us to this week. We wanted to try some snuff. So, I place the weekly orders for our company and I added a container of snuff to the order. Unfortunately, I didn't know that MOIST SNUFF is just like dip (the internet is fairly vague about all of this). We got the shipment yesterday and have a 6oz tub of Long Horn Moist Snuff!!! Good grief, we were all looking at it, trying to figure out if we were really supposed to snort this stuff. Finally, I looked up Wikipedia and found that the term moist snuff is really like dip and that we needed the dry snuff. We also watched a couple of YouTube videos about the topic as well. I was rather disappointed because we were all excited to try it. Now we have to wait another week before our next shipment will be in.

Now we are sitting on a 6oz tub of dip that we have no clue what to do with LOL.

Anyways, I thought some of you might enjoy and get a laugh out of our adventures with tobacco. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Sooooo, Funny Story   Thu Jun 11, 2015 3:39 pm

Ha! I would think that trying to use Longhorn nasally would be more than a little messy.

If you do get around to trying nasal snuff, I hope you enjoy it. Just remember to never inhale as deep as you think you should - if you take it up into the sinuses or throat, it can be a miserable experience Done right, I think it's a fantastic way to enjoy tobacco. If you happen to like aromatic pipe blends, I think you'll find the variety of scented snuffs to blow the pipe world away (and plenty of unscented blends, too).

Like the rest of the tobacco hobby, snuff is another giant rabbit hole!
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Sooooo, Funny Story
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