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 The Faithful Four... er, Five pt. 3

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PostSubject: The Faithful Four... er, Five pt. 3   Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:22 am

It has become a tradition for me to round up some photos of the pipes I bring back with me every time I go overseas. Seeing as I cannot bring all of my pipes, I usually narrow it down to 4 I have not brought yet and bring them. This, then, allows me ample time (at least a year) to get to know pipes I might otherwise not smoke as much or whatever.

In any case, I brought 4 different pipes back with me and stumbled onto another pipe my first month here (I had to buy it). So without further ado, here is the rotation:

Scottie Piersel "Scottie" Clay

Many will recognize this pipe, as it was last year's POY. It is an excellent flake pipe. The only blunder, only my part, is that I forgot to bring flake back with me.

Brian Madsen Bent Billiard with white acrylic accent

Brian is a fairly new pipe maker who hails from Denmark. He is making some excellent pieces at a steal price-wise right now. I had to snatch this one up.

Steve Morrisette Rhodesian with mastodon ivory accent

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite pipes. It weighs barely an ounce and I often forget I'm even smoking it.

Nate King "Tulip" Morta

I came by this pipe by chance when a good friend of mine was trying to get rid of it. Typically, I couldn't afford such pipes anymore, but we were able to work out an arrangement that allowed me to get a long coveted morta. The nice thing is, too, that Nate refuses to make anything out of morta again. Perhaps he'll change his mind.

Pietenpauw Sandblasted Bulldog "Spot"

This is a copy of a Dunhill shape that came out quite nicely. The sandblast is deep and craggy, giving it an excellent feel in hand. I've long wanted a Pietenpauw and I got this one at an excellent price (so excellent that even a teaching assistant's salary can afford it). I'm proud to say I own one now.

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PostSubject: Re: The Faithful Four... er, Five pt. 3   Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:45 am

Great pipes, great pics. All of them are great. Thanks for sharing.
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The Faithful Four... er, Five pt. 3
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