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 Stonehaven & Ramsgate...cousins?

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PostSubject: Stonehaven & Ramsgate...cousins?   Wed Nov 04, 2015 3:55 am

This should get an interesting reaction.

Got any Stonehaven (fresh is best).? How about some Ramsgate (fresh, older, whatever)?  This is a pouch aroma test for similarities, and it's oh so simple. Open first one, then close it and open the other...take long, moderate whiffs of each...asking yourself, how similar are these? Of course one is going to have the more potent aroma, but are there aspects in them that are the same? Does one have elements the other does not?

This whole thing is being done to show something that I find very interesting...which is...I think if you doubled the intensity of Stonehaven, you'd have Ramsgate. They are just that close. If the Stonehaven is fresh and juicy this works especially well.

With Stonehaven in such short supply, this isn't an easy test to do...and no, I won't send you any to test. But for anyone who can do it, try it.

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Stonehaven & Ramsgate...cousins?
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