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 Jim's Super Value Bourbon Whiskey, English Mixture Reviews.

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Jim's Super Value Bourbon Whiskey, English Mixture Reviews. Empty
PostSubject: Jim's Super Value Bourbon Whiskey, English Mixture Reviews.   Jim's Super Value Bourbon Whiskey, English Mixture Reviews. EmptyWed Dec 16, 2015 8:54 pm

Recently, Sutliff sent me 1.5 ounce pouches of their new to the market Super Value blends for review. Here's the reviews.

Super Value Bourbon Whiskey:
The Virginia is a little grassy and has some citrus. The burley is a little nutty with some earth and molasses, and is just a little more noticeable than the Virginia. The black cavendish is mildly sweet with a touch of vanilla in a support role. The bourbon whiskey topping is creamy sweet with the flavor you would expect from a high quality brand. It does sublimate the effect of the tobaccos to a fair extent without overwhelming your senses. The strength of the blend is medium. The taste is nearly full and never weakens, nor does it ever get harsh. Won’t bite. Has a mild nic-hit. Doesn’t leave much moisture in the bowl, and will burn to ash. Whether you consider it to be an all day smoke depends on your proclivity for bourbon whiskey, but it is a blend that wears well on your taste buds during your smoking day. Like a fine bourbon whiskey, I find it works best when sipped at a slow to moderate rate. Has a very pleasant, lingering after taste and room note.

Super Value English Mixture:
The red Virginia is dark fruit sweet with a little earth. The bright Virginia is grassy and citrus sweet. The burley provides a lightly nutty sweetness. The smokey, woody sweet Cyprian latakia is a major player, though it never dominates the experience. The perique is a minor ingredient, more plum than pepper. Also added to the mix is some Turkish, which seems to be Smyrna, which is woody and buttery with a very slight sour, musty note. Well balanced with a little complexity, it burns smoothly at a moderate rate with few relights, and a consistent flavor to the finish. Will burn to the last ember as it leaves virtually no moisture in the bowl without bite. The nic-hit is mild. The strength and taste is right at being medium. The after taste and room note are pleasant. It’s an all day smoke that won’t dull your senses, and would make a good starter English blend as well as a comfortable companion for one experienced with blends in this genre.
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Jim's Super Value Bourbon Whiskey, English Mixture Reviews.
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