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 Jim's G&H Ennerdale Flake Review.

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PostSubject: Jim's G&H Ennerdale Flake Review.   Fri Jan 29, 2016 12:46 am

The Virginias are floral, earthy, dark fruit and citrus sweet with a little grass, and are the dominant tobaccos. The burleys are very nutty, earthy sweet in a continual support role. The almond enhancement mildly adds some complexity to the deep fruity tropical topping. The vanilla gently reminds you itís there. The Lakeland essence is very obvious without drowning out the other toppings, though all the flavor additions sublimate the tobaccos to some extent. There are stronger Lakeland blends than this, and it may be that the other sweet additions temper it just a little. I donít know if this is what Iíd pick for an entry level Lakeland smoker, but there are lighter ones to start with, though the sweet level may be the very thing to hook a Lakeland newbie. It will ghost a pipe and a meer, too. Has a slightly more than mild nic-hit. The strength and taste is medium. The flake easily breaks apart to suit your preferred packing method. The flavorings and tobaccos meld well to create a cool, clean, creamy consistent taste from start to finish. No harsh or weak spots. Burns at a normal pace for a flake. Leaves very little moisture in the bowl. The lingering sweet after taste is very pleasant as is the room note.
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PostSubject: Re: Jim's G&H Ennerdale Flake Review.   Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:29 am

Ennerdale is my favorite Lakeland. I agree it may not be the best Lakeland entry, as the fragrance is very distinguishable. Rum Flake would be the one I would recommend to start with. Condor is also another one.
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Jim's G&H Ennerdale Flake Review.
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