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 Ehrlich billiard, resto-mod

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Ehrlich billiard, resto-mod Empty
PostSubject: Ehrlich billiard, resto-mod   Ehrlich billiard, resto-mod EmptyMon Feb 15, 2016 3:09 pm

I got an 60's Ehrlich billiard a while back, did a full resto on it. Smoked it for a bit, and then put it down. The pipe itself smokes great, has very generous bowl size, but just wasn't hitting me quite right. I added a rubber bite guard to the bit, since I like to clench, ultimately decided the pipe overall was just too long to be comfortable. So today I set to making a new bit for it. Took more than full inch of the overall length, and changed the shape. Still needs a little more work in the final finish, but I am happy with new look and feel of the pipe now, and will be smoking it more often.
Nothing was changed about the pipe itself so I could still use the old stem if I wanted, I think it is unlikely at this time though. Pic #1 is right after the original resto work was done Pic#2 is as it is now. enjoy.

Very Happy
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Ehrlich billiard, resto-mod
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