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 An Acceptable Substitue to Condor

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An Acceptable Substitue to Condor Empty
PostSubject: An Acceptable Substitue to Condor   An Acceptable Substitue to Condor EmptyFri Apr 08, 2016 9:48 am

For those who can't get Condor Ready-Rubbed or Long Cut, I have discovered something quite interesting this morning.

I opened a tin of G & H Best Brown #2. The aroma remimded me of....yes. Condor. The tobacco is not quite as dark but it's still a VA and BU with what seems to be some KE as well.

The topping is not quite as obvious as Condor is, but it's in the same league, IMHO.

So...   Very Happy  cheers

I have ordered a scandalous amount of it as, now that you know about it, BB #2 will become as rare to get as Stonehaven. lol!
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An Acceptable Substitue to Condor
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