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 GL Pease Lagonda

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Age : 53
Location : Ft Lauderdale, FL
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PostSubject: GL Pease Lagonda   Fri Apr 29, 2016 6:13 pm

My first foray into the world of Latakia's was Frog Morton's Cellar, which came highly recommended for those wanting to transition from aromatics to English and Balkan blends.  The whiskey overtones and smokiness of Latakia combine wonderfully and reminded me of a shot of Johnny Walker "Double Black."

I had a small sampler bag of GL Pease Lagonda-when I first took a whiff, I found the Latakia a bit strong and intimidating, and put it on the shelf for a while (at that time I was smoking only aromatics) as I branched out, I thought it was time to try it, not to mention that the tin note had mellowed.

So I finally took the plunge.  Smooth smoke, nowhere near as strong as I thought it would be, no bite and the Latakia was definitely notable but not overpowering. It wasn't a 'bad' tobacco, but I found it a little bit "lacking", like nice background music, but without the melody.  I was waiting for "something to happen", but it never really did....

The Virginia was actually pretty good, but not enough to carry the blend.

I'm not throwing it away, but it won't be the first blend I reach for.

Have any of you tried it?  Thoughts?
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Age : 61
Location : Chestnut, IL
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PostSubject: Re: GL Pease Lagonda   Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:27 pm


"Never turn your back on a Breen".
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Age : 36
Location : Painesville, OH
Registration date : 2011-12-19

PostSubject: Re: GL Pease Lagonda   Mon May 02, 2016 12:50 pm

I think you nailed it. I've been a big fan of GLP blends for a long time, and always have plenty on hand. Lagonda is, for me, the one GLP blend that's fallen flat.
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Age : 69
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PostSubject: Re: GL Pease Lagonda   Tue May 03, 2016 10:45 am

I've been looking for a Pease blend that I could like for ages. Maybe this is the one. Gonna give it a try. Smile

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GL Pease Lagonda
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