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Savin LE

Savin LE

Age : 50
Location : Scottish Borders
Registration date : 2016-06-12

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PostSubject: Re: Latest Re-Stock   Latest Re-Stock - Page 2 EmptySun Jun 19, 2016 12:53 pm

Brewdude wrote:
Savin LE wrote:
You mentioned Medium Virginia Flake there Brewdude, can anyone tell me where I can pick some up please?, so far I haven't been able to locate it.....knowing my luck I will find it but from somewhere that doesn't ship to the UK No

MVF should be the same as Golden Glow. MVF appears sporadically in bulk form on some of the US stocklists where GG is the tinned version. Right now I don't find MVF on any of the usual sites here in the states.




Ah right got you, thanks for that....I can't recall seeing it at all any time recently but having said that, I haven't really been looking till now.
90% of my online tobacco purchases are from GQ or SP with the other 10% from mysmokingshop.co.uk. I think I'm correct in saying 4N ship to the UK though so maybe give them a look next time to broaden my sources

This is typical to see this after you telling me GG & MVF are one and the same, but I've just noticed 4Noggins list it as "Samuel Gawith: GOLDEN GLOW (MEDIUM VIRGINIA FLAKE)"  Wink
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Age : 39
Location : Northern KY
Registration date : 2011-03-22

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PostSubject: Re: Latest Re-Stock   Latest Re-Stock - Page 2 EmptyFri Jun 24, 2016 2:39 pm

allyby wrote:
BTW for those wondering about Demerara Flake, It's the exact same as they sell in tins in the US but it's called SG Brown Sugar Flake.

I keep looking for more info on this as well, because GQ's description indicates they are indeed one in the same. However, comparing components, Brown Sugar Flake lists orientals and burley with reviews making note of them. Demerara Flake reads as only Virginias and cavendish, no mention of burley or orientals in the description or reviews. scratch
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Latest Re-Stock
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