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 Low Country Pipe & Cigar - Guendalose

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PostSubject: Low Country Pipe & Cigar - Guendalose   Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:53 pm

For a definitive review check out the TR site for jimlnks astute (as usual) perspective.

Low Country sez is contains: Red and Bright Virginias, our own Red Virginia Cavendish, fine Katerini Turkish leaf, a dash of spicy Perique, and exquisite cigar leaf.

This should be one of those that I really appreciate...VA/Turkish/Perique/Cigar. The cut is ribbonish. The dryness level is OK - though a little air time is usually a good idea with any tinned blend I'm thinkin'. Tin aroma is what you would expect..VAPer plus Turkish. To me, the major players in terms of bowl flavor are the bright VA and the Turkish...hints of Perique, mild...and a bit of roundness from the cigar. Low Country sez it's like puffing on a fine Nicaraguan cigar. Not! I've never smoked a blend that had cigar leaf that tasted like a cigar. That leaf just appears condimental and here as well adds a subtle note not the proclaimed cigar experience.

So bright VA, Turkish, mild Perique, rounded a bit via the cigar leaf. It packs and burns well, does not bite, is not a hot smoke...all in all very approachable.

Similar to the outrageous blends from John Patton? Yeah, similar, but not better. To me...Crossroads, Oriental Dusk and Dark Horse are the defining blends of this genre. And since a 2 oz. tin of this is about the same price as twice as much of the Patton blends, I know where my money will be going. But this has no warts. Very pleasant. Recommended.

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Low Country Pipe & Cigar - Guendalose
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