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 Hero 616 "small/regular" vs Hero 616 "Doctor/Jumbo"

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PostSubject: Hero 616 "small/regular" vs Hero 616 "Doctor/Jumbo"   Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:37 pm

OK - check out the text string "Hero 616 Doctor" on uTube for various reviews of the large capacity version of the 616 Irridium tipped model of this Parker 61 clone.  I didn't know there was any difference, but there is.

I just ordered and received a sleeve of 10 regular 616's...cost me next to zip. NOW I just ordered a 3-pack of the 616 Doctor (all of the above in original blister packs only, thank you). The very slightly different Doctor version was in the neighborhood of $4 ea. delivered. A shade longer to accommodate a longer internal ink bladder.

Note: kinda weird...my father was an MD (Internal Medicine - general practice - did house calls all the time - old school) and his pen was the famous hooded Parker 61. Or it might have been a 51...I'm no expert on vintage Parkers. These thing's official product name being the "Doctor" hits home, so to speak.

Hero 616 Doctor (also called Junbo) photo below:

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Hero 616 "small/regular" vs Hero 616 "Doctor/Jumbo"
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