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 Diamine Inks - my fab five

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PostSubject: Diamine Inks - my fab five   Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:52 am

Simple listing this time...many others rave about these same five, but there are certainly other excellent Diamine inks.

And...it's more than just "the color" although these five are pretty universally praised on that score..cause that's a very subjective personal thing. It's also about the physics: the saturation, the flow, the lack of creep; low tendency to feather, bleed, smear, etc. though some of this depends in equal part to the paper used.

Anyway...the five: (all shade well for me)

Red Dragon - saturated deep dark red

Sherwood Green - great foresty green

Majestic Blue - great saturation, red sheen

Oxblood - dark red w bloody brown notes

Ancient Copper - the only really coppery ink I've found

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Diamine Inks - my fab five
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