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 Sifter Pouch

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Richard Burley


Location : North Coast NY
Registration date : 2011-04-09

PostSubject: Sifter Pouch   Wed May 24, 2017 11:55 am

What the frig is a sifter tobacco pouch? I mean, I have one but what does it do? Or supposed to do? It's got two sections united at the bottom with a mesh thing. I use the inside section to stuff new tobacco in. The second section doesn't do anything that I can see. There are some fine crumbs of tobacco at the bottom, but not really enough to mention. Any pouch does that. Not liking that the second section adds bulk, for no reason that I can see.

Why doesn't someone make a good pouch? One that doesn't get stiff in cold weather if you leave it in the car. I had one, a Dunhill, but some &%#@ swiped it from my car in front of the St. Regis hotel in NYC. The thing looked great, felt great, and the rubber(?) lining was awesome. The one I have, besides being semi-useless, gets so stiff in the cold that I'm afraid to open it. Friggin' first-world problems!  Wink
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Age : 36
Location : Painesville, OH
Registration date : 2011-12-19

PostSubject: Re: Sifter Pouch   Wed May 24, 2017 12:46 pm

Richard Burley wrote:
The second section doesn't do anything that I can see. There are some fine crumbs of tobacco at the bottom, but not really enough to mention.

Yeah, that's pretty much the whole point. Useless things, I think. I carried one for about a month then ditched it for the one I'd always used.
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Ozark Wizard


Age : 54
Location : Mark Twain National Forest, MO
Registration date : 2014-10-11

PostSubject: Re: Sifter Pouch   Wed May 24, 2017 2:29 pm

I have a couple of pouches that, while not bespoken as 'sifters', have a side zipper where you can put a very small pipe under the tobacco part, or, as I do, cleaners and Czech tool. Though it seems to be no leaks, I inevitably end up with almost snuff with the cleaners. I guess that makes it a sifter of sorts...

Alas, it also appears I get what I pay for, as when the ambient temperature gets below 60F I risk snapping the faux leather trying to open it, or the zipper just breaks. But hey, whaddyah want for 6 bucks? I have a sample pouch that had Modern Virginia in it from way back. It still works for my travel pouch, and has lasted longer and been through more than those. A rubber band holds it closed.

Very Happy
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Age : 72
Location : DFW Metroplex, Texas
Registration date : 2012-01-15

PostSubject: Re: Sifter Pouch   Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:36 pm

I've used and still use a leather roll-up pouch w/natural rubber lining just about since I started smoking over 50 years ago. Have found the ones made from Lambskin seem to work well for me. I had a nice tan Dunhill years ago but it fell apart much sooner than I thought it would! Twisted Evil I use a Lambskin roll-up made by La Roca now and find 'em just right for me. They roll up just right to fit in a hip pocket and hold enough for about two days worth of smokes just right for me . Heres a pic of them, I have a brown one:

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Age : 76
Location : Connecticut
Registration date : 2012-02-26

PostSubject: Re: Sifter Pouch   Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:22 pm

Do you mean the translucent yello plastic pouches? The sifter is supposed to separate the dust from the tobacco. They're only suitable for a day's supply. The zippered pocket pouches are only suited for a small supply also, but some have a good seal and they seem suited to "educated thumb" packing. Roll up pouches, especially nice leather ones, look sharp, but they're capacity is often limited by their style. I have half a dozen pouches and the most efficient, I'd say, is a plastic, zippered, cheap , pocket style with a good internal seal that I've had for 25 years. My fave was a gift -- nice Italian leather, room for two pipes, cleaners and tools, plus a built in pouch of very small capacity. It's kind of a combo of a day pouch and small pipe luggage. Back in the day pipers carried their weed safely stored in a pouch carried in the inside breast pocket of their jackets. Quite proper.
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Sifter Pouch
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