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 For the Maigret fans

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Age : 73
Location : DFW Metroplex, Texas
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PostSubject: For the Maigret fans   Sat Aug 26, 2017 11:16 pm

Found this site which has pictures of George Simenon and the actors who played inspector Maigret through the years. Simenon does not have a single pic where he does not have a pipe either in his mouth or in his hand. He is said to have had over 300 pipes and smoked Royal Yacht almost exclusively. He's said to have smoked near 20 pipes a day!! Twisted Evil

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Richard Burley

Richard Burley

Location : North Coast NY
Registration date : 2011-04-09

PostSubject: Re: For the Maigret fans   Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:06 am

Simenon, et alia. Cool. Real pipe smokers from a different era. There are no doubt a few notables of today who smoke pipes, but wouldn't be caught dead with one in a photograph. Bad for business, old sport, don'tcha know?

(I always wondered about these pipe-clenchin' guys from days of yore. Did they use rubber bit protectors or just let the indentations happen?)
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For the Maigret fans
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