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 In pursuit of ZYLC

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PostSubject: In pursuit of ZYLC   Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:01 am

Hello. I hope all is well... I'm a pen, pad, paper & leather and wood lover so to speak. I saw Bradley on Stuff & Things do a favorable review on ZYLC in a set of 2: a passport size, standard & pen holder all for 40 Bucks at Amazon. I'm thinking of ordering this set next week in dark green (as it looks a bit stylish w/ the orange wrapping band) and was wondering if anyone has tried any of their products? I love these type of things of course & have a $5.00 credit w/ Amazon, so what the hay! Please comment or chime in if you have any of ZYLC"s products. "Fauxdori" there called. Midori I love, but they're just too expensive! $30.00 for just one standard-sized, and $60.00 for the special "greenish" color! Please advise me, let me know if you own any of ZYLC's products... Thanks & Best, LeRoy (wnclee1)

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PostSubject: Re: In pursuit of ZYLC   Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:46 am

Looking at the products on Amazon...


...it seems what youíre buying is primarily the covers, which are refillable. Purchasers of these items certainly praise them. Order it, have a look-see, keep it if you like it, send it back if you donít.

To me itís more about the paper as I need a fountain pen ink friendly paper. But these take Midori Paper...or whatever...so thereís that to consider.

Just a few thoughts to further confuse you. Cool

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In pursuit of ZYLC
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