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 Christmas Recruitment Campaigne

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PostSubject: Christmas Recruitment Campaigne   Christmas Recruitment Campaigne EmptyThu Dec 07, 2017 12:18 pm

Have you ever wanted to fly? To soar high above the clouds? Into the wild blue yonder? To rain down fire and destruction upon your unsuspecting brothers and see them gasping in the despair of spousal rage, threats and reprisals while chuckling among yourselves?

Well Bunky...have we got a deal for you! We are now recruiting pilots for our one-time Christmas Bombing Mission. Any and all members in good standing are encouraged to apply. If approved you will be expected to fly according to the Bombing Squadron Flight Schedule...which for this year means sending out whatever you want to a BoB member which we select...mailed via USPS Priority to arrive en mass on Friday, December 29th. This is a critical point. All bombs should arrive on the same day if at all possible. You would also be required to follow and post in the December Mission thread...to pick perhaps new or aged items from a vendor of your choice or your own stash. Pilots send out all kinds of things such as pipes, tobacco tins or bulk or samples, pipe gear, other personal or outdoor gear, bar ware, food items, novelty stuff, yadda yadda yadda. Specific items are not linked to specific pilots...so it’s like a secret who gives what.

There will also be one or more contests or giveaways open only to pilots.

If you want to join in the fun on a one mission basis (or longer if you really want to) PM me, Blackhorse...and tell me in one sentence or less why you want to be a part of this crazy thing. If approved, you will be listed as an active pilot on our roster. Then all you have to do is follow the thread by posting a “Hi folks” thing which will subscribe you to further posts so you can follow the fun.

Not in the USA? Yup, we have international pilots. This seeming glitch to effective membership is easily overcome by ordering something from a USA vendor to be delivered on the required date. Time your order correctly and you can easily hit the target on the proper date.

That’s it. Doors are open as of now.

PS: not interested? No need to post your disinterest a be a big stupid wet blanket to the party. Keep negative stuff to yourself...right?

Council Member, Trading Post & General Site Moderator.
Founding BoB Bombers Squadron Commander, Un-Ret
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Christmas Recruitment Campaigne
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